Power your Recall Strategy with One Unified Platform

At RECLYT, we understand the critical nature of medical device recalls and the need for a streamlined, efficient process to manage them. Our SaaS platform, coupled with a robust mobile application, is designed to empower healthcare organizations, manufacturers, and field engineers with the tools needed to effectively handle recalls.

Streamlined Recall Process

RECLYT simplifies the complex process of medical device recalls, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Our platform offers a centralized system to manage all recall-related activities, significantly reducing the risk of oversight and error.

Real-time Data and Analytics

Gain insights into recall impacts with our real-time data dashboard. Track the progress of recall activities, analyze trends, and make informed decisions to minimize disruption and optimize response strategies.

Automated Notifications and Reporting

Stay informed with automated alerts and detailed reporting features. RECLYT ensures that all stakeholders, from manufacturers to healthcare providers, are promptly notified about recall events, facilitating swift action.

Role-Based Automated Reporting

Customized Reporting for Different Roles

RECLYT provides automated reporting tailored to the specific needs and roles of different stakeholders within an organization. This ensures that each user receives relevant and actionable information about recall progress and statistics.

In-depth Recall Insights

Our platform generates comprehensive reports detailing the progress of recall activities. These reports offer in-depth insights, enabling stakeholders to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Enhanced Communication and Transparency

Automated, role-based reporting fosters improved communication and transparency within the organization. Stakeholders at every level receive consistent and relevant updates, enhancing collaboration and strategic planning.

Streamlined Post-Shipment and Installation Support

Supporting equipment post-shipment and installation poses significant challenges for OEMs, particularly in regulated sectors. RECLYT addresses this by offering a comprehensive system for notification and tracking, simplifying the entire process.

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Automated Notification Distribution

RECLYT takes the hassle out of the labor-intensive task of printing and distributing notifications. It automates notification generation and delivery to a predetermined list of recipients, ensuring timely and accurate communication with all involved parties.

Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Designed for the demanding environments of regulated industries, our platform equips OEMs with essential tools to remain compliant. It significantly eases the administrative load linked to equipment support and recall management.


Advanced Logistics and Tracking

Efficient Logistics Management

RECLYT offers advanced tools for managing the logistics of recalled devices. Track shipments, manage inventory, and coordinate returns with ease. Our platform provides comprehensive logistics solutions to streamline the recall process.

Real-time Tracking and Updates:

Stay updated with real-time tracking of devices. Our system provides continuous updates on the status of recalled devices, from pickup to processing and final resolution, ensuring transparency and control throughout the process.

On-site Excellence

Mobile App for Field Engineers

Intuitive Mobile Interface

RECLYT’s mobile app is designed for field engineers on the go. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, allowing engineers to focus on their critical work without technological barriers.

Digital Evidence Capture

Document your work with ease. Capture digital evidence such as photos, videos, and notes directly within the app. This feature ensures a transparent and accountable recall service process.

Seamless Offline Functionality

RECLYT’s app is designed to perform flawlessly, even in areas with limited connectivity. This ensures uninterrupted service and data capture, synchronizing with the platform once connectivity is restored.

Time Tracking

Effortlessly record the time spent on each service visit. Our app not only tracks time but also categorizes it based on activities, helping in accurate billing and resource allocation.

Digital Signing and Document Storage

Complete your service documentation with digital signatures, adding a layer of verification and professionalism. Store all service-related documents securely in the app, easily accessible for future reference or compliance needs.

Integrations and Compliance

Seamless Integration

RECLYT integrates smoothly with your existing systems, ensuring a harmonious workflow. Our platform is designed to complement and enhance your current operational processes.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of compliance with RECLYT. Our platform is updated regularly to align with the latest regulatory standards, ensuring that your recall processes meet all legal requirements.

Transform Your Recall Response with RECLYT

Choose RECLYT for a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solution to manage medical device recalls. Our blend of intelligent automation, real-time tracking, and robust compliance features, combined with a user-centric interface, makes RECLYT the go-to platform for efficient and compliant recall management

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